An online market analysis provides information on your current and target positioning.

The online market analysis helps you to determine your current and target position compared to your competitors in the relevant markets.

The online market analysis provides information about the actual positioning of your online presence compared to your direct online and offline competitors. It serves as a basis for developing your own objectives and answers the following questions:

  • How far has the online market developed?
  • How well positioned is your company?
  • Who is the benchmark in the relevant markets?

Analysis of your own online presence

To be able to assess one’s own position in relation to the competition within the framework of an online market analysis, it is necessary to analyze one’s own online activities and the perception of one’s external presence in the relevant market. Knowledge of one’s own web presence also provides information about the actual competitors on the web. For example, offline competitors are not necessarily the same as online competitors.

Definition and analysis of relevant markets

Based on the analysis of your own online presence, the relevant existing and potential markets are defined for the online market analysis. The most important offline competitors are then identified through discussion and the online competitors are evaluated using a tool-supported process.

Competitor analysis

The next step is to analyze the defined competitors in terms of their online marketing mix. The results of the analysis are the online measures that can be described as standard factors. These are the measures that must be implemented to have a chance of being noticed on the web.

At least as important are the dominant factors in the online marketing mix. These are measures that are important for future competitive profiling.

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