WordPress is the world’s most widely used content management system (CMS). It is characterized by its free availability, strong community and expandability via themes and plugins and offers a solid basis for small and medium-sized web projects.

Just a blog system?

WordPress was originally developed as a blog system and therefore focused on publishing individual posts and articles. However, through the integration of so-called plugins (extensions), the range of functions and applications could be expanded early on. By integrating more and more functionalities into the basic system, WordPress has increasingly developed into a full-fledged content management system in recent years.

Content and page-based management

The development described above has led to WordPress today offering a mixture of content-based and page-based administration. In most cases, however, the two approaches are neatly separated, and WordPress can be used as a “simple” blog engine or as administration for complex websites. Hybrid use is also possible without further ado. 

WordPress: Powerful in the right hands

Setting up and configuring WordPress requires experience with the system because of the countless possibilities for use and expansion. Researching and analyzing possible plug-ins and templates can be very time-consuming for non-experts, and complicated or incompatible approaches and extensions are often used, which massively complicate the operation of the website. To use WordPress successfully, the requirements for the solution must be clearly defined and the corresponding know-how must be available from the beginning. Questions of user-friendliness in operation, security and maintenance must also be answered.

Conclusion: It depends

WordPress, as a free basic system in the right hands, is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized web projects. The range of functions can be expanded (almost) at will and even proprietary plug-ins are usually affordable. However, the time required for a solid configuration should not be underestimated, depending on the application. For larger projects, specialized or proprietary systems are therefore the best choice. These systems integrate the functionality into the basic system and can therefore have a simplified user interface, higher security and lower configuration and maintenance costs. 

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