A customized mobile website delivers specific information and meets users where they are: On the move!

Over the past few years, mobile internet use via smartphones and tablets has grown tremendously. Users are increasingly using their devices to find information that is relevant to their needs. Mobile websites offer content that is adapted to the devices and support mobile users in their actions.

Reach your customers on the move!

A mobile website is a website optimized for viewing and use on mobile devices. Special attention is paid to the smaller screens and different usability. A mobile site also tends to be more streamlined in terms of the number of downloads required, due to lower bandwidth connections. Device and browser switching can direct users to the standard or mobile version.

With a mobile website, you can reach your customers on the go. We can help you present the right information in an optimized design. This can be based on your existing website or a simple website created by us, a website with CMS or a corporate website optimised for mobile devices.

Concept and design of your mobile website

Based on your needs and requirements, we will develop a suitable concept. We focus on ensuring that the mobile site presents the information that is really of interest to mobile users and that the user experience matches the capabilities of the devices.

This is followed by a color and design concept. CD/CI specifications are also considered when developing proposals for the design of the mobile site. Once the final design has been determined, we implement it with pixel accuracy, ensuring that your web content is optimized for mobile devices.

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