Although there is no single definition of digital transformation, it is an important issue for businesses, society and the market. Because it is happening everywhere. It is being driven by ever-evolving technology across all sectors and industries. This creates risks, but it also opens up new opportunities and possibilities.

Understanding digital transformation

Digital transformation is the adaptation of businesses, people, and society to the rapid changes in the digital world. 

Impact on society and the marketplace

Large companies such as Google, Apple and IBM are driving and adapting technological developments. They are first movers. The influence of these companies on society has been so great for years that society automatically changes with newly developed technologies. Some examples are smartphones, the Internet of Things (intelligent objects) or cognitive computing. Most importantly, we humans adapt to technology – although it is often assumed that it is the other way around.

Digital transformation is also changing the market. In addition to new revenue structures, value chains and products, there are also new costs that most companies will have to adapt to. Only in this way will they be able to respond to the changing needs of both business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) customers.

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