Content Management encompasses all activities, processes and tools that support the lifecycle of digital information.

It manages digital content and the processes used to create, edit, publish, and archive it. User roles such as author, editor or administrator define the work and rights of employees, and version control enables complete tracking of changes. 

The aim of content management

Content management enables the lifecycle of digital content to be planned and tracked. This can improve the quality of content and processes. Content is first published internally and then externally according to well-defined procedures.

Reuse content

Content management can also be used to plan and efficiently implement content derivatives (translations, special formats). Workflows are defined that include, for example, translation into another language and quality assurance before the content is published.

Clear separation between content, design, and structure

The division of roles between author, editor and publisher also enables a consistent separation of content, design, and structure. The same content can be available in different formats and the same form can be applied to different content.

Using Content Management

In addition to providing the content management system, we can also help you set up and establish the appropriate processes and workflows. This ensures the desired quality of content and a smooth process for publishing and updating the content of your website or other publications.

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