In addition to customer acquisition, email marketing can also be used as an effective customer retention tool.

Even today, email marketing offers several advantages. Because customers opt-in, they are more likely to consume the content. In addition, email marketing is extremely cost effective, can deliver longer and more complex content and, if implemented correctly, has a good conversion rate.

Email marketing is particularly suited to the following areas:

  • Informing existing customers (reactivation)
  • Announcing important events or product ranges
  • Periodic reminders of customer benefits
  • Personal contact

Sophisticated statistics

The impact of a mailing can now be tracked very well. Embedded HTML and image data can be used to check whether and how often the email was opened, which links were clicked on, from where, with which devices and how long users consumed the content. If a newsletter is also linked to a website for analysis, further exciting insights can be gained.

Extended email marketing

In addition to the classic newsletter or mailing list, any email traffic between customers and companies can be considered email marketing. This requires a clear strategy and procedures to improve contact and increase customer satisfaction. We would be happy to discuss the scope and objectives of your email marketing with you.

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